Tachyus Corp
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Full Time ‒ San Mateo, CA


  • Design correctness tests for both physics-based and statistics-based models and predictive systems
  • Liaise with the research team to understand the potential weaknesses in, and design experiments to test, core modeling and prediction algorithms
  • Build systems to evaluate the quality of input and output data on an ongoing basis, including (especially) data coming from customer systems
  • Run the experiments, make the tests happen
  • Constantly reassess existing systems and practices


  • At least 2+ years experience as a software engineer
  • Ability to articulate opinions about how a software development process should operate and appropriate systems for feedback, tests and bug reports
  • Personal past experience writing and testing software
  • Attention to detail and the ability to prioritize complex customer needs
  • Proficiency with SQL and elementary data manipulation and analysis
  • Microsoft platform experience
  • Undergraduate mathematics: statistics, calculus


  • Test automation experience
  • F# or Python experience
  • Strong math/science skills
  • Experience in oil and gas or other enterprise software development
  • Previous experience working at a fast-paced start-up
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