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Companies recently receiving funding rounds

Company Name   Funding Desired Funding Closed
Harbor Technologies Llc $1,000,000 $650,000 Connect
Blast, Inc. $500,000 $250,000 Connect
Cascade, LLC $820,000 $700,000 Connect
SidelineMD Inc. $500,000 $270,000 Connect
Identifid, LLC $550,000 $550,000 Connect
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A ground floor job where a contributor works in exchange for a contract granting equity of an entity is one way of receiving ownership. Until the Jobs Act is complete, due to the nature of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, sweat equity may be one of the only ways certain individuals have of obtaining ownership.

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Accountants, Issuers, Founders, & CEOs

Manage your shareholder equity accounts like never before. Join a network of colleagues who can help you from formation of your entity through the security issuance process. Find colleagues who will invest in your securities. Find liquity for yourself, your corporation and your employees.

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Investors, Advisors, & Analysts

Vet companies, and share them with other investors. by using the "Order Book" and "Wall" features provided here. We are not legally able to solicit all investments, but may feature some offerings with proper legends. This doesn't mean you can't look through the forms, and express interest.

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Trading Equity. Equity Crowdfunding.

Through the life of a corporation equity is a valuable tool that can be securitorized and exchanged for resources like capital, and services. Matching buyers with sellers and trading equity can involve complex transactional changes to an entities capital structure. This system can be used to negotiate the bookkeeping needs of these transactions.



Equity Reporting. Equity Transparency.

Assets minus liabilities of a entity is shareholders equity which is split up between shares of the company and the retained earnings of the business, which could be paid out in the form of dividends. The stock units are what is sold in return of capital.